Aerial photography and videography is ideal for special events.

Corporate events gain content for social media and many other digital platforms. Weddings and personal events will capture a moment in history in an unforgettable final product to be treasured for years to come.

Factors to consider when choosing a drone for your special event.

  • Drone pilots must adhere to Federal Airspace Restrictions. In some cases, these flight restrictions appear, possibly due to police or fire services and in other situations they are in place to protect airports, schools or other infrastructure.
  • Provide the event’s location as early as possible. Knowing the location allows us to communicate with their team concerning private property or local jurisdiction restrictions.
  • Site visits provide useful information. A site visit is critical to go over desired shots or angles as well as to map out any hazards impeding flight paths (i.e. power lines or tall trees).
  • Flying directly over people is a no-go. The FAA strictly forbids a drone from flying directly over your party … unless, we apply for a waive, which will require thirty to ninety days for approval. The alternative is to set up in situations where the drone is not directly overhead.